To get started:

Email a sample file to me (1000 words), along with the total word count, and your editing requirements. I will return your sample file to you with my editorial comments and an estimate for editing the entire manuscript.


  • Authors: Polish your novel or short story for publication! Get expert help with awkward sentence structure, repetitive writing patterns, plot inconsistencies, poor characterization, and dialogue that just doesn't work.
  • Students: Get your essay or term paper expertly edited or proofread.
  • Academics: Ensure that your dissertation or journal article meets the requirements for review committees or peer-reviewed journals.
  • Website Owners: Proofread your content before if goes up on your site! Increase traffic to your site with effectively worded and correct English.
  • Business Owners: Don't waste time on editing that you can much better spend on your business. Hire a pro to effectively edit your business materials.
  • Non-native English speakers: Spruce up your English to sound like a native-born writer.


  • You have written your book. Now make it look great!
  • Typesetting is the process of laying out the text, tables, and images for elegance and maximum reader impact.

    The choice of fonts, chapter styles, section header formatting, and how the text is placed determine the "look and feel" of your book.

EBook Creation

  • Convert and format your book to an EBook
  • EBooks require conversion of the Word or text file to HTML, and must pass rigorous computer checks.

  • Formatting for EBooks is different than for print books. Books for, the largest EBook platform, must be specifically formatted to the MOBI format.